Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cloths Moth

How do you get rid of cloths moths? Inspection. If you suspect you might have cloths moths you have to wage a battle of inspection to find the source, which is the larvae and what the larvae is feeding off of. Is it your wool sweater that has been in the basement for ten years? Maybe the cotton gloves that are shoved in your chest of drawers. You need to try to pinpoint an area to start with and usually you will have a higher concentration of moths in the room where the larvae are hanging out. Look for anything natural. Even the felt pads on piano keys and behind picture frames can be a source. Horse hair brooms, clothing, rugs, carpets. There is a lot to look through. You will be looking for holes and casings. Again, this is hard for the homeowner to determine and that is why it might be a good idea to call in an expert. One the source is located then those items need to be dry cleaned to kill the larvae. Many pest control people will ask you just to dry clean everything to be sure you got them all as there is no real way to tell unless you sift through each and every piece of clothing and every inch of that clothing. Then to get rid of the adults you can fog or use moth pheromones that will catch them. The hardest part of the job will be to find the source. Happy Hunting!

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