Sunday, March 18, 2007

Termite inspections for real estate sale.

WDIR=Wood Destroying Insect Report
I recently had a question in regards to a house that was being sold and the termite inspector failed the property because of old damage and shelter or "mud tubes" on some wood joists. Now there was no activity to be seen and no live termites and the house was treated before. SO why did it fail?
In many cases a house will fail if there is shelter tubes because that is an indication that the termites may have returned after the treatment. After a treatment is done the termite technician is supposed to scrape down any visible shelter tubes. This helps to monitor the recurrence of the termite problems when the follow up or yearly inspection is done. So that is most likely why the inspector failed the property.


skeet said...

In Hawaii TIR = Termite Inspection Report. Recent changes in the approved reporting format require us to give equal weight to all evidence of infestation, whether it relates to current (active) or past (inactive) infestations. It can be pretty disconcerting to the average homeowner, but the industry has done a good job of educating the real estate professionals so they can minimize the shock when homeowners first glance at our reports. Also, I've never known a termite inspector who won't take as much time as needed, whether by phone or in person, to walk homeowners through the report findings and help them understand the findings.

I'm liking your blog ... a lot! Wonderful service to the industry and the public!

real estate ph said...

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