Saturday, March 24, 2007


Yikes! I saw my first bee of the season fly by me yesterday and it got me thinking of my days long ago when I'd be battling the bees and wasps in my bee suit and saving the day! Now I just swat at them a run if they get mad. With the warm weather closing in on us, we will no doubt be facing the stinging insects that are impossible to hide from. Future posts will include specific treatments from specific bees and wasps such as carpenter bees and hornets and such. Right now I will point out that you might start to see bees in your home. Don't be alarmed right away. These can very possibly be bees that have come in last year and "over wintered" or vacationed in your home until spring. The ones you see now actually just want one thing, to escape and get back outside. Open the door and let them go. Now if you happen to come across bees entering a hole in the side of your home for instance or flying into a crack of your home on the outside. DO NOT PLUG IT UP AT NIGHT! Don't think by plugging the hole they will die of starvation. What most likely will happen is they find a way out the other way...which is right into your house. Now you have a bunch of angry bees in you house, not happy, well rested "vacationing" bees. This is very important. If you are afraid to treat the bees yourself then call a pest control professional.

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