Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Ants and their control
Tis the season when it comes to ants and their unwanted advances into the human world. So what's their deal and how to we get rid of them? Well spring time is when these little buggers start to develop their colony. The ants you see now are out foraging for protein to feed the little ones and keep the egg factory running smoothly. As spring continues on and the warm days give into the hot days of summer, the ants appetite turns from proteins to sweets. Ants are busy beavers and the sugar gives them a boost just as it does to humans. You can see an interesting development here. Ants are picky eaters at different times of the year. SO if you have ants crawling on your stove and you go to Home Depot and put out any old ant trap you find then chances are you won't get the control you want. Read the bait label of the baits you buy and make sure it is for sweet and protein feeding ants. There is a fantastic product out there called Advance Dual Choice that takes care of both and works very well. Bait placements and choice factor into ant control far more than you think. I advise to mix it up with dry baits and gel baits and on the outside use bait granules. Place the baits where the ants are hanging out. If they are around you sink them place the gel bait behind the splash boards if possible. Never put bait where animals or children can get to it. How about sprays you ask? Just a quick fix. Baiting it's the way to go. Don't be afraid to use too much bait and place them in the trails the ants are traveling because they leave pheromone trails and other ants will surely be following right behind and it is then they will find their pot of gold and take the bait.

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Andre Franklin said...

Thanks a bunch for the tips. I have recently been having problems with ants finding their way into my apartment. They have gone away for the most part at this point, but I will still find a few here and there going about their business. I figure it is only a matter of time before they come in force again. I will try putting some bait traps in their high-traffic areas, like you suggested.
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