Friday, March 23, 2007

Ant Control

If you've had problems over the years with ants getting into your home or if you simply want to avoid the problem then you should start your offensive now. Don't wait until further into the spring or summer when the ants are at their strongest numbers. Treating for ants outside should be your plan of attack! Most home improvement stores or even your local hardware stores should have granule products that you can place out for ants in the form of bait or insecticide. You want to place a band of about a foot or two around your entire home perimeter according to the label. Many do it yourself online stores carry different kinds of baits or granules you can buy. Remember! If you have pets or young children you must use caution. Maybe buy bait stations to put the bait in an forget about the granule insecticide. So long as you start to do something now you should have at least a much less battle if they do get into the home.

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