Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mealy Worms

I have little worms crawling on my ceiling!
Chances are you have been infested with a stored product pest. Indian Meal Moths and what people term as "mealy worms" can come from a variety of places, so it is important to find the source. So where do you look? The main places to look would be any dry goods like cereal, pasts, oat meal, flour, baking sodas, rice, spices, dry milk, dog and cat foods and bird seed to name a few. You have to look in these items and chances are you will find live worms or moths or what look to be "casings". If you see this the item must be thrown away. Don't stop at one item if it is infested. Continue to inspect all dry goods to be sure and throw away any suspected products. The ones in your home can be taken care of with a vacuum cleaner and once the infested item is gone so will your problems. Happy hunting!


Anonymous said...

I have some used furniature that I have had for two years, and everynow and then I find a random mealy worm from the furniature. there have been maybe 5-6 in the last two years. they are always alive.... YUCK!! and there are none in the dry food products in my house. why could this be?

Anonymous said...

Well for your furniture, any pest control spray should work. I try to use a few of those "bug bombs" every other year or so.

So spray it down or set off one of those bombs and give your furniture a through vacuuming.