Sunday, November 02, 2008

Where to buy exterminating and pest control supplies.

Exterminating supplies are sold by distributors, over the counter pest control supply companies, or do it yourself pest control supply websites. Not everyone can buy exterminating chemicals as they may be what they call, restricted use products. You must have a license to buy these chemicals. Other than that, most insect baits, mouse traps, and bug spray chemicals are able to be bought by the public. Sometimes the companies selling the exterminating products, as policy, will require a license, and others do not. I know in the area I live there is a company that is an exterminating company, but they also sell to the public. Distributors such as Lesco (John Deere) , Residex, and Univar will require a license as they will not sell to the public. Then there are your DIY websites like epestsupply, pestcontrolamerica, and diypcs are online websites where you can shop. Another place to consider is your local home improvement store. They will sell your basic roach control supplies or mouse control supplies.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but distributors don't ....! They provide meaningful and thoughtful control of substances that, in the wrong hands, is much more likely to endanger people, pets and the environment. Distribution offices have people who are not licensed simply by paying a fee. They are licensed through years of training. They are available to coach licensed people on the proper use of pesticides.
Encouraging people to by randomly does not help the public. I didn't read anything in your comments about the need to wear personal protective gear. Distributors would be happy and are able to share this information. Take it from me. At Hearts Pest Management we are very grateful for the collaboration of our distributors in safeguarding my business.

Md osman Maya said...

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