Sunday, November 23, 2008

Products that work to kill roaches

Roaches are tough to get rid of if you do a sloppy and not so thorough job, but if you decide to give it a go yourself or you are looking for some products that will help get rid of that roach problem that is plaguing you, then here you are. To start with there are many roach control gels out there. Maxforce, Maxforce FC, Maxforce FC Select, Dupont Advion Roach gel, Avert roach gel, Magnetic roach food, Avert dry flowable, Maxforce roach bait stations, Advion Roach Bait Stations, Gentrol, Gentrol Point Source, Sprays and mixtures too numerous to mention. Yes, there are many products out there that controls and eliminates roaches, the trick is in the application and thoroughness of that application. Good luck and happy hunting.


Organic Gerry said...

The non-repellant - Phantom - is also an excellent option.

Let's not forget the all important habitat modification for pest control and elimination. 30 years ago, when I moved into my first apartment, there were roaches everywhere. Once I removed the wood paneling, which had buckled and become partially unglued, I was able to reach all the roach hiding places. From this, I learned never to use wood paneling.

Toronto Pest Control said...

I find that the Maxforce FC Select works wonder when it comes to killing roaches. It is also important to eliminate all the food sources that are available to them.

katty said...

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