Monday, November 03, 2008

Red and Black Bugs

This is one of those times of years where you start to spy red and black insects or orange and black bugs known as boxelder bugs or Halloween bugs. These box elder bugs like to hang around with lady bugs as well and even stink bugs. They all like to hang on the sunny side of your building or home, get into any crack or crevice, and drive you nuts. How can you eliminate these bugs from your life? There are several sprays you can use, and you can also do your best to seal out and bug proof your home by sealing every crack and crevice you can find around your home. Along with keeping the bugs out, you will also increase your energy conservation. Insect proofing the home won't work completely, but it will help eliminate many of the box elders from getting inside by about seventy five percent. Good luck and fight the good fight.

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