Sunday, November 09, 2008

Doctor Austin Frishman

I was at a seminar this past week at Univar USA where Doc Frishman was giving a talk about roaches, bedbugs, and everything in between. It's truly a pleasure to attend his seminars because I always learn something new and because he is such an icon in the pest control industry. He cares a great deal for the pest control technicians and for this industry and it comes across so strongly in his talks. It's so nice to be part of an industry that, as large as it is, feels closely knit.

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Bill Dunsavage said...

I was fortunate enough to attend classes Dr. Frishman gave to the techs in my company back in 1980.

He got his start in the industry as a tech in the Catskill area of New those days they were occasionally called on to kill the "death germs" of any old timer who died in one of the Catskill resorts.

We did some of the legwork when Combat was first field tested prior to release......

The question was, if Combat was in place in a resturant and the restaurant was fogged did the discs needed to be replaced......the answer was no.

Combat was developed by American Cyanamid under the name "Max Force" and sold only to Pest Control professionals.......

We were horrified when the patent was bought by Clorox and it was then sold to the general public