Monday, October 13, 2008

Pest Control

The idea behind pest control is just that. Control. When faced with an infestation, the best approach to take is an integrated one, analysing the situation and incorporating a number of measure to try to eliminate the problem or at least to get control of it. Some situations, like bed bugs, may just be able to be controlled, depending on the situation and the willingness of the client to do their part. One thing I find and many of my colleagues express dismay in is the customer who expects you to come in with a magic wand and with one service get rid of their problem with no follow up and no cooperation on their part. Sometimes this can be done, but it's a rare case when you can walk in and get complete control in one visit. This is one of the reasons it's called pest control and not pest elimination, although there are some companies that advertise this. Perception is key.

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Gerry Weitz said...

Yes, we are pest control or pest management companies, but as I think about it, many of our services really do eliminate the pest in the environment that concerns the homeowner. With the exclusion services we provide, we certainly are able to eliminate rats and mice, not from the exterior, but certainly from the interior. If it wasn't for the slight exaggeration, perhaps I'd rename our company with the words pest elimination. Then again, there is a lot of work in the maintenance of pests that always seem to come back.