Saturday, October 11, 2008

Exterminator. A perspective.

Exterminator, pest control technician , pest control operator, pest management professional, the bug man. We've been known by many names over the years, but no matter how fancy or foul a name you give us, one thing is for certain, you have to have a knack for the industry. You can hand anyone a B&G sprayer and say go to town, but the pest control industry is so much more. You need an analytical brain and a sharp eye for detail. There are alot of things to consider when faced with an infestation. Customer services, earning the trust of your customer, determining the best and the safest approach to your problem, understanding where the problem may have originated, and sometimes, how to diplomatically ask the customer to do his or her part.
Over the years I've worked for pest control companies, I've owned my own business, worked for Univar, a pest control products supply company, and presently work as a support services manager, where the department of pest control falls under. Just as the names of our professional positions have changed, so has the industry and it's philosophies. I've seen Dursban TC come and go, Baygon bait come, go, and come back, and great chemicals like Termidor come to market. I am sure that there are colleagues out there who have been around since the days of cloridane too. With all these changes one thing has stayed the same. The fact that the pest control industry is a united group of men and woman who really love what they do and, although sometimes under appreciated and under paid, still continue to do a great job to help the public. Hats off to us all!


Anonymous said...

Bill, thank you for the accolades. We need the encouragement, because it it true that we are often under-acknowledged, over-worked, and underpaid.

But I would say in all honesty the picture is more gray than black and white.

I don't see the unity in the field. Surely the owners have much in common, as do the workers and office staff. But I don't believe that these groups understand or appreciate each other enough or care about each others struggles.

Too many owners are focused on returning a profit that they are more than happy to trample on workers rights. We see this with the blatant disregard for worker overtime. There are also many companies who are more than happy to keep applicators just that, not to encourage educational growth because higher licenses mean higher pay. Forget that it might mean better customer service! Forget that better educated workers might produce more. Most owners I've met are very short-sighted.
The workers are no different, often so worried about today that they have no long term professional game plan. But this is more forgivable, and I strongly feel it is up to the professional owners to help the workers develop a game plan.

Gerry Weitz, President
Hearts Pest Mangement

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that we are light bulb changers, toilet uncloggers, people who help put screws back in,temperature changers for those in wheel chairs and can't reach the thermostat, plumbers, vent repairers, spiritual consolers, someone for old people to talk to, advisors, people to vent political views, and the like!