Friday, October 03, 2008

Mice Rats Rodents

Winter time is here and with it brings the potential of a mouse infestation. Why to be proactive by winterizing your home so to speak by using a popular monitoring tool, the glue board. Your garage is an easy access point for mice as is your basement. These areas often times have openings or pipes and wires that enter with gaps where mice can enter. Step number one would be to seal these gaps. Next I would say to place out these glue traps under and behind things. Check them often to see if anything was caught. The best thing to do is to pick up a bulk pack from your local pest control supply shop or online at a do it yourself web site. They come in boxes of seventy two. Catchmaster and Victor are two good brands.


Organic Gerry said...

Bill, I have forever advised against the use of glueboards. Sure they have a place, but I haven't found one in my business. Not that human kindness is the most important concern when it comes to mice and rats, but let's agree that it is not a humane death, as the rodent will starve to death. Most conventional glueboard traps are a disaster! Take the pest control tech or worse yet, the homeowner who inadvertantly gets stuck to the glueboard together with the dead or dying rat or mouse. That's pretty gruesome stuff! Since neither glueboards nor traps should be placed in the open, why not use standard snaptraps. When working in open areas, I place T-Rex traps within Sidewinder bait stations to keep things clean. Yes, you can place glueboards in bait stations, but you still have an inhumane death and the quizzy feelings of homeowners when you have a rodent wiggling and screaming in the glue trap.

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Billy Mac said...

How about the poor finger that gets snapped by an mouse snap...worse M9 or rat trap. Yikes. Ours is a gruesome business. :)
As for the death of the mouse. I agree...slow and not humane, baiting is just as bad in some sense. Sometimes the problem requires the use of many tools. I like the T-Rex that you mentioned above as well. For the home owner who is looking for an easy way to catch mice, I think the safest and easiest way is the glue board. Let's agree that some times the standard snaps are not the easiest to set and T-Rex may not be something a home owner can get a hold of. Can you tell I'm trying to defend my post :)

Thanks again for stopping by and hope all is well out west!