Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mice in cold weather

I'm going to start to angle the blog posts to mice, rats, and other rodents as we are all brought into the colder months. Ever wonder how mice know your house is warm and decide to come in and set up shop for the winter? It's a simple as shutting off the lights in your garage during the daytime and look as how many areas light is still coming in. These are all perfect areas for mice to enter. Same goes for your own front door. How's that weather stripping? Missing? If mice are scurrying along and suddenly feel heat escaping from under the door, they come right in. Heat escapes from space around pipes and wires that are coming into your home. Heat escapes under doors. Heat escapes and mice love. So the best way to prevent mice from coming in is to seal off all these kinds of holes and gaps to the best of your ability. Regular old foam will work, or a product called Stuf-fit, even caulk. Just plug up the holes.

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Anonymous said...

Pest control companies often forget to discuss landscape with homeowners. We are able to bring in considerable extra revenue by offering exclusion services that include tree and shrub trimming. Rats and mice naturally climb to escape and avoid large predatory animals. More often than not, the home invasions of rats and mice that we see in California are at rooftop elevations from adjoining trees and shrubs / vines that encourage them to climb. Once on top, they easily get into the attic at roof / eave joints.