Thursday, May 29, 2008

Get Rid Of Ants Quickly

So what is the best was to get rid of ants in your kitchen or other areas of your home? First thing you want to do is look at why you could possibly be attracting the ants inside. Do you have children who like to drip grape juice on the floor or do you drop cake crumbs from lunch on the floor? If this is the case then you have to use some IPM or Integrated Pest Management and keep your area clean to make your kitchen unattractive to the ants.
Now you want to purchase some granule ant bait, a good perimeter spray, and some ant trap bait stations. Some of the products that work well are featured in an earlier article of mine rightfully called, Kill Ants, where you can get some ideas.
Outside is a good place to start your investigation. Do you see any ant trails? Are they entering your home from a crack? If so then you will want to take a good sprinkle of your ant granules a spread where the ants are trailing. Also a good ant gel is a good choice to place around the ant trail. I feel baiting is a better long term solution. Don't expect the ants to go away over night, but your should start to see results. Inside you should also use the same technique. If you see ants then place out baits. As always use caution around kids and animals.
Some people like a more direct approach with a ban out and up the perimeter of the home. If you choose the spray route, then be sure to use a good non-repellent like Phantom or Termidor. Being a good detective and having an eagle eye will improve your results. Good luck!


PestProJoe said...

Excellent point about the non repellent for ants. Ants are highly sensitive and can smell many pesticides. So sprays with a repellent will not work. In fact, they could cause the problem to get worse.

Great article!

Do-It-Yourself Pest Control

Daren said...

Regular Homeowners won't be able to purchase Termidor or Phantom but they can use a good company to do this treatment. Most of the baits are available.

I recommend my company for Phoenix AZ. We specialize in Ant Control

Billy Mac said...

Home owners these days can actually buy these products online these days since it is not restricted use.
I do agree that a professional should be used in many cases though, what is the name of your company in Phoenix Daren? Free plugs are allowed :)