Sunday, June 01, 2008

Pest Control Company Research

Whether you are looking to hire a pest control company to eliminate ants, bed bugs, or termites, how can you determine which company is the best one to do the job? This is really important when considering an exterminating company to come into your home to take care of a problem such as termites or bed bugs or bees. You need to know what's the difference between Orkin or Terminix . You need to know if customers liked Western Pest Services or Truly Nolan and why? Where can you find this information?
To begin with you can use old reliable, Google. Google searches are fantastic when it comes to compiling information about any topic these days. Then there are other services like Angie's List that rates and gives reports on companies from people who actually used them. Angie's list has a small fee, but it worth it to get an unbiased opinion about a company. The last way to research a company goes back to the beginning of time. Word of mouth. Ask around and see what other peoples thoughts are about certain companies. People are not afraid to tell you their opinions, and if they had a good experience they will see that company to you themselves, and if they had a bad experience they will make you wish you never even thought of them in the first place. SO when researching a pest control company be sure to get all the facts before you sign that check. It can save you aggravation and money.


Pest control said...

i agree, asking people you know who have had previouse experiences with pest control companies will help you make a better choice.

Gerry Weitz said...

The Better Business Bureau is always a good source of information.

Remember when using Google, that the top shaded area and the right side bar are both paid listings, not necessarily the most relevant or the best companies, dispite their ad lines.

Always remember that even good pest control companies can have a technician that is a bad apple.

I suggest learning a bit about the corporate culture and history of the company. Check their roots in the community and the length of service of the technician. Like any job interview, you should ask the technician about the depth and breathe of their skills. Some have been just spray jockies, while others have decent education and credentials.

Exterminator Toronto said...

As with every service industry the Pest Control industry has great service companies and poor service companies with a few in the middle. Do as much research as possible or possibly suffer the consequences. We do our best to service our clients beyond their expectations so referrals are always in good supply. Ask your friends about pest control issues, not a common subject but if they have had a good experience with a company you likely will too.

Exterminator London said...

Being a small local business I find most of my work comes from word of mouth business, I like this as you know your reputation is good if you are being recommended.
There are some good places to gain information on companies and also the people who runs those companies, I myself worked for two national companies before going it alone, I gained my experience and knowledge at the highest level, there are though some people out there that decide they just want to give it a go, I have had to carry out treatments that they have not been able to do correctly due to lack of knowledge and have ended up costing people money, sad really.

sunshine coast pest control said...

I always prefer a company that offers natural pest control like natural pest control sunshine coast since it is chemical free. the downside though is current;y some methods are not that 100% successful. One must have patience.