Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Get rid of ants

WHAT: Ants can be real pests to families when they invade. There are many kinds of ants such as carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, and regular old pavement ants. No one wants them,but they can be controlled and eliminated.

Where: Ants inside can be found in the kitchen, bathroom, even creeping along the wood work of living areas.

HOW: Getting rid of ants in the home requires patience and trusting. I almost never recommend spraying for ants inside, especially if you are not exactly sure what ant you are dealing with. Baiting is the way to go. Products like Terro is a great sugar based bait. Another good bait that I recommend is Advance Dual Choice. Maxforce ant gel is another good one. When placing out bait, be generous and use caution if there are children and pets present.
Baits that professionals use can be bought on the Internet these days. Any online do it yourself pest control products website is a good start. You can always try your local hardware store, but if you are looking for the stuff the pros use I would go the route of ordering online. Maxforce and Advance are two professional names to look for.


Organic Gerry said...

Baits are really great, not just for ant control, but also for calming residents who are fearful of spray treatments that might impact asthmatic children.

Hope to hear more on green pest control for ants and other insect species.


Negi said...

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