Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bees in wood

The big bees that dive bomb you in the spring time are called Carpenter Bees. They actually drill a perfect circle hole in the wood members of your home and they become bothersome when the males, who hover around that hole, fly at you to intimidate. The male bees are not capable of stinging, and the female bee, who is more worried about tending to the egg in the hole, can sting you, but it is unlikely unless you grab one in your hand and squeeze.
Treating for these bees can be expensive and sometimes time consuming. It is recommend to hire a pest control professional as they are better equipped to treat the areas the bees are damaging. The exterminator will use a power spray machine most likely in the event the bees are up high or there are many of them. Another method would be to dust as many holes that you can find with a good insecticide dust. The problem with this is that the bees sometimes find their way under the flashing or up under wood pieces where you can't get to. One last method is to paint the wood areas with a thick latex type paint. This is not really one hundred percent tested and not always practical. If you go the route of treating each hole, be sure to go back a few days later to seal the holes with a good wood putty.

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