Saturday, June 02, 2007

Kill Ants

So what are the products working out there for ant control these days? What's new on the market? Ant control has always been about colony elimination and some of the best products to use are the non-repellent chemistry out there like Phantom or Termidor. These chemicals allow the ants to continue on their path and pick up a lethal dose of the chemical, bringing back to the nest and getting control. New this year in the bait market is Dupont's Ant Bait Arena. Some of the old standbys are Maxforce Ant bait. The maxforce products come in granule form, bait station form, and gel bait. The gel bait works very well and Maxforce also carries a carpenter ant gel which works very well. Whitmire also carries a great line of ant control products. Dual Choice Ant Bait is one of them. Dual Choice offers two baits in one station and I personally have had great success with this product in the past. There is also a granule ant bait and Whitmire also has a granule carpenter ant bait as well. Some other ant baits include Intice and Uncle Alberts Gourmet Ant Bait. Terro Ant Bait is also very good for sugar feeding ants as well as the Drax products. Drax comes in both sugar feeding and protein cartridges and one cartridge that has both. Ants are fickle feeders and will only feed on sugars or proteins depending on their needs which is why they can be hard to control. One very important thing to remember when baiting or using a non-repellent chemistry spray is to not use any other kind of chemical. If you are baiting then do not use any kind of Raid or Dursban or any chemical that will kill the ants too fast or repel them because you will be cancelling the whole bait effect. If you are spraying with Termidor or Phantom use a dedicated sprayer....not the same sprayer you use for other products as it could lessen or cancel the non repellent effect. Good luck. Go kill some ants!

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