Sunday, June 24, 2007

Waterbug Roach

What's going on with those big black waterbug roaches that are so big you can saddle them up? Well they are called oriental roaches and can creep out the most seasoned of pest control technicians. The best way to treat for them is to use a product that is not distributed anymore called Baygon Bait. This stuff was fantastic when it came to waterbugs. If you can get your hands on this stuff then buy it up fast. The other product out there is niban bait. These baits work well on the larger of roaches. Another good treatment is just your regular perimeter spray with a product like Phantom. Glue boards are also a good tool in trapping these roaches and knocking down the population. Good luck.

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Anonymous said...

TAT Roach Baits, which are available through any ACE, True Value or Do It Best hardware store--as well as many other independent hardware retailers--contain Baygon (aka Propoxur) and work very well against waterbugs.