Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Flies and their control

Fly control is a battle to be sure. Flies can reproduce quickly and in great numbers, often times giving the appearance of thousands of flies. If you are having a problem in or around a bush or a dumpster then there are traps and surface treatments you can use. One product new to the market is Maxforce fly spot bait by Bayer. You mix this up in a sprayer and treat the surfaces the flies rest on. They die almost instantly. Another product is Victor flying insect trap or a "Flying Saucer" These traps come with a fly attractant that you place in the water, or you can just throw piece of meat in there. Inside the home the old stand by fly ribbon or a product called a gold stick is what you can use to catch the flies. If all else fails then the oldest trick in the book will work just as well. The fly swatter!

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