Friday, January 11, 2008

Why do mice come into my home

Here is a question that many people ask. Why did mice choose to come into my house? Am I dirty? Am I messy? The answer is yes and no. A mouse can be running by your house just as you are going in and hop in as your door is open. That mouse might be with children. Now there are many. Sometimes you have a hole or a gap under a garage door and the mouse feels the heat escaping and follows the heat into your house. You can have the cleanest house on the block. It won't stop mice from coming in. What a clean house will do is make it uncomfortable for mice to live in which will increase your chances of catching them. If you have a messy house with lots of clutter (hiding and nesting spaces) and lots of crumbs then you have made it welcoming to mice and they can survive easier. After all, if you had a choice between dried up peanut butter on a trap trigger or crumbs from a chocolate cookie that fell to your floor, which would you choose? Keep things tight and sealed and you will decrease chances of them entering in the first place.

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brian said...

Mice return to your home via the same path due to their pheromone trails that we can't see. So you get rid of them and more show up. If you have weep holes in the brick use stainless steel weep hole covers to Get Rid Of Mice From Your Home.

Don't use material they can chew through because if they want in they will chew through building materials and plastic.