Sunday, January 06, 2008

Red and Black Bug

The red and black bug is what we call in the industry...well...a headache! It's the boxelder bug and here in the northeast we are going to be having some pretty warm temperatures. They are saying that we might hit the 60 degree mark tomorrow and this will mean one thing, all the red and black bugs will be coming out of hiding to get a breath of this warm fresh air. Boxelder bugs will emerge in peoples homes and pest controllers will get calls to get rid of them and everyone will scramble like crazy until the next freeze. There really are no do it yourself pest control products on the market for these bugs specifically on the inside. What I would not recommend is smashing them with a newspaper as they will stain your walls and some may leave a bit of a foul odor. My suggestion would be to use the good old fashioned vacuum. Suck them down as they appear and this will eliminate them from the house for good!

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Anne said...

we have a major issue with these bugs for the last 10 years. they have just about killed the tree they are in.
Best thing we have found to kill them on contact
is Joy dish soap and water. believe me it works