Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Kill Mice and Kill Rats

Kill rodents the old fashioned way if you have mice or rats infesting your home. The good old snap trap can be your best defense against these intruders and using the old stand by peanut butter or cheese will work just fine. The trick is in the placement. I know folks who will put out a few snap traps in the kitchen when they saw it run across the living room wall, thinking that mice always will visit the kitchen. This is of course true, they have to eat, but if you see a mouse following a path across a certain wall or under a piece of furniture then you have to place that traps there. Another trick is to put out plenty of traps, not just two or three. Over kill is OK in these situations. Also be sure to place plenty of traps in areas where you find mouse droppings. This is an obvious area they visit.

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