Sunday, January 06, 2008

Mold, it's control, and it's dangers!

Funny topic to find in a blog dedicated to pest control, but believe it or not, mold is a pest and many pest control companies parallel their business with inspection and control of mold. With the floods and massive rains and storms that have been hitting the west coast, I thought I'd just touch upon this complex topic. Mold is one of the hottest topics when it comes to litigation and insurance lately because so many people are afraid of it. I think their fear is a legitimate one because mold can cause all kinds of problems from a bad cough to death in severe cases. I think the best way to approach writing this blog entry is to try to stress that any kind of moisture can develop mold. Not all molds are dangerous, but it doesn't hurt to have your home tested to see if the mold is in fact a health issue. If it is then remove the mold. A simple, common sense approach to this problem is the best avenue when dealing with a mold issue. It is not something to take lightly or to ignore.


Anonymous said...

I just did some work on my basement with mold. I got the disinfectant from Builders Square and ordered the tyvek coverall from It took most of the weekend to tear out the old drywall and scrap and disinfectant the area. I think it's important to not let it just sit it seemed to be growing up the wall. I hope this stopped it, I have left the wall open to inspect it for a month or so before reinstalling the drywall.

Our Green Blog said...

In our experience, many people are extremely sensitive to certain Molds and can become quite Ill. Not all molds are dangerous. There is mold everywhere and through testing it can be ruled out whether or not it is a health risk.