Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wasps and bees in hole

I've gotten questions about how to handle bees or wasps that were entering a small hole in an outside wall that happened to be near an entrance door. My first recommendation is not to seal that hole. If you sealed it then all the bees and wasps coming back from foraging for the day would get agitated and confused and wind up stinging. The best approach is to buy a dust with a nozzle and in the evening dust the hole. This dust enters the area the bees are nesting and as new bees go in and out they brush up against the dust and bring it further into the nest, ultimately killing off the nest. A good product to use is Tempo dust or Apicide, either product could be found on the Internet on a DIY pest control products website or at your local distributor. As always, use caution and be aware of the possibility of getting stung or others getting stung. Sometimes with bees, wasps, or hornets your best bet is to call in the pros.


Kevin Riner said...

Exactly what to do. I did this at an apartment complex and they were gone the next day. I used drione dust though. Good advice!

Organic Gerry said...

In California, a big push was made to encourage pest control companies to remove the honeycomb. The Pest Control Operators of California (, came out with a certification class for AHB that has extensive material on honeycomb removal. PCOC also developed a letter for homeowners to sign off on if they decide to not have the honeycomb removed.

Check out more info from us at You'll find extensive content on bees and honeycomb removal.

(Bill, I am really enjoying reading through your website)! Very professional and not stilted on way or the other