Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Phantom Itching and bumps. Bird Mites

Bumps and itching on the skin can be caused by a host of different reasons. Dry skin irritation, fleas, mosquitoes, bed bugs, chiggers, mites. Much to choose from as you can see. How does one determine what is causing the itching and bumps? Process of elimination can help. Ask yourself questions like do you have animals or does your friends have dogs or cats? (Fleas) Have you been camping or hunting lately? (Chiggers) Have you been travelling lately or bought any used furniture or bedding? (Bed Bugs) Do you have a bird nest near the home? (Bird Mites) Think through some reasons why the above bugs would be in your home. Can you physically see any of these pests? Are there blood stains or bugs on your bed or sheets? This is clearly a sign of bed bugs. Can you see fleas hopping? Again, the obvious. If you are getting bitten without seeing the pest then it could be a possibility be that the problem is coming from birds who are giving you the problem of bird mites. If this is the case don't panic. In a previous post of mine entitled, Bird Mites, I offer some good advice and some calming thoughts. Remember, any pest can be treated and the trick is to be calm and collective and do what you have to for peace of mind.


Anonymous said...

And then maybe it's dillusionary parasatosis!!! Maybe.

Billy Mac said...

This is a good point...DP is a very real problem.