Thursday, July 03, 2008

Baiting for Mice

You can find mice in kitchens, closets, bathrooms, furniture, bedding, ceilings, they can get anywhere they want to it seems. Trapping mice requires the trapper to have two things, a good bait and lots of traps. Don't skimp on the traps and I would recommend snap traps because they can be tossed in the trash and you can count your progress. You can get a box of 72 traps on any do it yourself pest control products website. The next thing you need is a good bait. Traditionally people would use peanut butter or chocolate, but we now have something better. Offered to the professional pest control market, a product called PROVOKE is what's all the rage. PROVOKE was formulated by Bell Labs and has been doing fantastic in baiting and attracting mice to the trap for a few years now. Again, this is a professional product and would need to be bought off of a DIY pest control products website or maybe your exterminator would sell you a bottle. Happy hunting.

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Anonymous said...

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