Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pest Control Info in the USA

I was reflecting on the early days when I first got into the pest control industry and how the pest control information was limited to books like the Purdue correspondence book or of course Mallis. It was important back then to subscribe to pest control magazine to stay on top of the trends and to have a good relationship with your supply vendor to stay on top of the latest and greatest chemicals.
All of that is still important today, it is just funny how the pest information is delivered. Websites, blogs, and even facebook is all the rage. You can get images of pests at will on the Internet and have a web conference with an entomologist in real time. It is just amazing to see how the industry has grown and developed into the cutting edge industry is it today. Proud to be a part of it all.


Ed said...

Agree Pest Control info / learning / keeping up to now web based...The way forward! Even things like Webinars, Skype etc have transformed the pest control industry. Cheers Ed

Exterminator Tribeca NYC said...

Thank you for such an informative reading. Enjoy your day.

Portland Pest Control said...

I really enjoyed your article. More power to you!