Saturday, January 28, 2012


Mice are sneaky little fellows who like to munch in your food pantry and spoil your food at night. The problem is, they don't just nibble on your food, they can also nibble on your furniture, and worse yet, your wires. Mice and rodents in general are the cause of most unsolved fires which makes it worth going after these little guys early and often when you notice their signs.
Start with the clean up. Make sure all your vulnerable items are in plastic jars or other sealed containers. Clean up the crumbs, drain and clean the sink at night as they like a good drink like the rest of us. Take away all their treats and then place out some treats of your own. Mouse bait can be very effective if done properly. Also, some good snap traps baited with peanut butter, cheese, chocolate, and even string or cotton ball pieces work well. Give them a variety, is you start catching mice with a particular bait, then start using more of it. So go catch those mice, be generous with your "treats" and Don't be stingy.

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