Saturday, June 11, 2011


I used to get many calls about roaches all of a sudden showing up in a clients kitchen. They never had roaches in the past and their home is clean. So where do they come from? Most of the time they come in on a delivery or shopping order, believe it or not, roaches also live in super markets. As clean of a place as the store might be, it is almost impossible to keep roaches out of a building that is constantly getting deliveries like a super market. So when you bring home a shopping order, chances are you may bring home a bug or two that you don't want.

Another way you may suddenly get roaches is if you have a guest visit your home who may have roaches. Roaches can hitch hike in purses, pockets, shoes, and once they are in they make themselves at home.

Thankfully roaches are easy enough to get rid of, especially if you catch the problem early. Call a professional and relax.

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Ray Melbourne said...

Cockroaches can be a major health issue. While there's no need for alarm, it's definitely best to address the issue right away.

Cockroach bodies, feces, and saliva are highly allergenic, and have been proven to be able to cause an asthma attack. They're also carries of many bacterial and viral diseases.

Cockroaches tend to prefer damp, dark spaces, with food sources available. A clean, dry environment is a good start, but a professional consultation is definitely also needed.