Sunday, December 06, 2009

Trapping Mice Without the Mess

Trapping mice can be one of the best way to get rid of mice because you can physically see your success, you know how many you have caught and out in the trash they go. One problem that was always tough to get around was the placement of snap traps. Mice dropping would be noticed on counter tops or in cabinets and placing snap traps in these areas could be potentially messy and dangerous, reaching for the sugar could result in having your finger snapped. Now there is a product from Kness called the Snap-E Mousetrap cover. It holds 2 snap traps and looks like a sleek vent cover, about a foot long, and can be placed in these areas. The customer never sees the dead mouse and the mess is contained in the Snap-E cover. As always Kness designed them for their snap-e-mouse traps, but any old wooden snap trap fits and works. I like the snap-e because of the ease of setting.


pest control jacksonville said...

Be careful when trapping mice. If they die in a place that you can't remove them it can be quite smelly.

Jason Cleaves said...

We provide commercial pest control services in Dallas and Fort Worth. The easiest way to keep from searching around the drop ceiling for dead bodies is to leave a small post-it attached directly to the ceiling tile separating frame. When your installing 150 snap traps it gets pretty hard to remember where they were all placed

Huntingdon Pest Control said...

Great tip there from Jason, 150 traps is a lot so you wold defo struggle to remeber where they all were!!

Not so much with mice, but with rat trap we wire them down