Sunday, December 06, 2009

Indian Meal Moths or Mealy Worms

Here is a question I get often. How do you keep mealy worms out of my dry good? Here's the spooky part. They are already there when you buy the product. So if you start to notice moths in the kitchen or dark beetles of worms in your dry goods, you will need to throw the food away unfortunately. It would be a good idea to go through the rest of your dry gods to make sure they were infested via the original infestation, and if anything is found, toss it. If you have active moths, the best thing to do is vacuum them down if possible. Dry goods include; dry milk, baking powder, flour, cereal, oats, rice, pasta, pet foods, bird seeds, spices, and the like. Happy hunting. There are stored product pest monitors and lures, but these are used mostly in commercial establishments.

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I feed these things to my lizard. They love it.