Sunday, February 15, 2009

Box elder bug sure fire elimination

Is it true...a sure fire way to finally get rid of the bug that has plagued society for years and years? Can it be as simple as a bait or a pheromone that will kill off for good this bug we all hate? Well unfortunately no. With the warm winter days comes the boxelder bug slithering it's way into the offices and homes across America like an unwanted flu or cold. How can we stop them? Vacuum them. I have an old shop vac that I keep only for boxelder bugs on the outside of my home, and another little carry along canister vac with a hose for the inside. This system instantly eliminates the pest and everyone is happy. Short of cutting down a ton of trees or using sprays that don't really work, vacuuming is the best way to do it. Keep you house and box elder problem clean with your handy every day vacuum.


Anonymous said...

Havent seen to many of these since I lived in Box Elder County Utah.

Some good info here

Hyacinth said...

I have an infestation now in my bedroom primarily. I just read of a good way to kill these things without toxic residue.

Dish washing liquid and water combined will do them in. I used an organic product that is user friendly and will not pollute the environment.

It can be used outdoors in a sprayer.

This is where I got the info:

The URL needs to be pieced together.

BTW, I'm located in Central Pennsylvania where we have had a very unsettled winter with destructive warm spells. Bad for encouraging bug onslaught.

Lauren said...

I tried the soap and water last year on my house and it did not get rid of them. Just yesterday, I was cleaning a front window outside and had sprayed one of them with Windex (ammonia and water) and it died right away, so i tried it on a colony of them on the side of my worked!!! and without the soapy residue

pest control jacksonville said...

lol these bugs are pretty bad, if you got them you need to hire a professional.

Anonymous said...

not to many in california

DW said...

you need a pest control company to get you in the right direction. if it was my home thats what i would do

Anonymous said...

if i cut down the tree will they go away???