Saturday, February 28, 2009

Are Termite Renewals Worth It?

The question is, are termite renewals worth the money? I like to think of it this way. Most termite jobs are expensive, many times invasive, and involves moving items and a mess. A termite renewal is an insurance policy or a yearly warranty, for lack of a better word. Usually you pay ten to fifteen percent of the job on a yearly renewal basis. This guarantees that if termites return, the company will come out and treat the area of concern. Liquid termite jobs are not a sure fire treatment, even though the termite technician may have done an overly thorough job. The problem is, you can't see what is going on under the slab. The liquid termite juice may be splitting at a rock or other obstacle under ground, leaving the perfect non treated area for termites to re-infest. Same goes for termite bait. It may take some adjusting of placements, etc. So I would argue that termite renewals are worth the money. At least for a few years so that you are relatively sure the treatment has worked. If you don't pay the renewal, the company can charge you the full price again. Yikes!


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no dont fall for it