Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wings in my living room

Have you ever left for work only to come home to a mess of wings all over your carpet or kitchen floor? Maybe you came home to live flying ants that are taking over your house. If you experience this kind of phenomenon in the months of March, April or May, the chances are you have a swarm of termites. This is a pretty sure sign that the termites that do damage to your wood are near. The first thing I would do is to identify if you actually had a termite swarm or an ant swarm. The differences are made clear online. This will educate you and could possibly save you money. There is a big difference in price for an ant job as opposed to a termite job. Next thing to do is call for three or four estimates. Ask questions about the product they use for their termite control and if they use baits or not. Once you get your quotes then ask around for any other companies that friends or family may have used in the past and had a good relationship with, then get some prices from them. Some things not to do is panic or rush into it. Take your time, do your home work, and all should be fine.

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Termite Control Manila said...

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