Sunday, January 04, 2009

Mice in cold weather

Mice and rodents in general are not big fans of the cold, in fact, most start looking for shelter when the first signs of the frigid cold start to show. As many of us know the shelter they seek is often times our very homes. They sneak in, usually through a crack or crevice, and set up shop in our kitchens. Aside from catching them once they are in, one was to help raise the chances of catching them is to make it as uncomfortable as possible for them. If they are getting a constant meal of crumbs every night and water that is left in a cup in the sink, then why would they go after the bait you are setting for them on the traps? Make sure your kitchen and living areas are barren waste lands. Keep the landscape bare and that will usually increase the chances of bait acceptance on snap traps or poison bait in general. Happy Hunting.


pest control said...

some good advice there thanks for posting :)

Marcus said...

Found pretty informative information about mice, thought Id share it with you. Mice can be an overwhelming pest control problem. Prevention is the best cure.

DQ Pest Control said...

My name is Dave and I am the owner of DQ Pest Control.
Yes, when it comes to rodent control it is a good idea to keep the kitchen area clean. However, I would not advise the use of poison baits for rodents indoors. You will end up with dead mice, or rats in your walls. Having your home rodent proofed is a better method of rodent control.

Rob said...

Mice can be a hard problem to control if not adress agressively.

I hope this link will help

DW said...

use poison if traps fail

Mouse Deterrent said...

yes, this happens to me every winter.

We get little visitors who come in fro mthe cold and then you just have to keep the place spotless so they don't have too many feeding opportunities

Matt Bohmz said...

We live in Wisconsin so during our cold winters we have a huge raise in calls for people with rodent pest problems. Nothing wants to be outside in negative 20 degree weather, especially mice and rodents! Our solution: use a product that makes them thirsty where they will go outside looking for water and then seal off everything! We think this way is more humane then setting traps and killing them. Do you agree?

Thanks for the mice in cold weather tips!

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