Saturday, April 05, 2008

Orkin or Western Pest Services?

Who is the best in termite control these days? The fact is that many of the pest control companies out there use the same chemicals and control measures in some form or another. So how is a person to know if they are getting a fair shake? I am a big advocate of doing your homework. Ask neighbors and friends who may have had the same problem who they used and what they thought of their service. Researching on the web is also a great idea. Companies like Orkin have great websites with a wealth of information and knowledge about the company and what they offer. Google the companies to see if there is any opinions written about them in the world wide web. As always, your best bet is to get three estimates from a large company like Western Pest Services or Orkin, a mid sized company that is located in your area, and maybe a neighborhood guy. Quite frankly, the neighborhood guy may offer the best service and price. You may get a pie in the sky warranty with the bigger firms, but when it comes right down to it, if you call the neighborhood guy with a re infestation I would say that nine times out of ten he will be there that day to retreat for you free of charge. The decision is entirely up to you, but one thing you should not do is rush into it. The termite are not going to eat your home in a day like you see in the cartoons. Research and homework.


Anonymous said...

As someone who works in this industry I would like to point out some very important things to as when looking at termite treatment.
1. Is the plan a service plan or a damage plan. A service plan will only cover a re-treatment only and does not cover any damages.

2. Ensure that the damage plan covers not only the structure but the contents of your home..this is very important.

3. Ensure that the plan is liftime plan. Many customers do not know that cheaper price you got is because the plan expires in 5, 7 or 10 years. The will come back and ask for that amount again on top of paying an annual fee. $500 with joe smoe and the $950 with anoter company does not pay off if the $950 is a lifetime plan

4. Last but least ensure there are no deductibles, no copays, and no limits like $200 for wall coverings or $200 for hardwood floors. I see a lot of people who did not read the fine print have to eat a lot of the damage costs.

good luck

Billy Mac said...

Good Points....Thanks

Pest Control said...

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, pest control technicians "increasingly use a combination of pest management techniques, known as integrated pest management. One method involves using proper sanitation and creating physical barriers, for pests cannot survive without food and will not infest a building if they cannot enter it. Another method involves using baits, some of which destroy the pests, and others that prevent them from reproducing. Yet another method involves using mechanical devices, such as traps, that remove pests from the immediate environment."

Anonymous said...

Great post Bill, and I agree, research and homework is key before selecting a pest control company or service to go with. By the way, I tried to send you an email but got a bounceback from your "" I had a few questions about your blog and was wondering what would be the best way to get in contact with you?

Darvin said...

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Organic Gerry said...

The termite industry has been decimated by layoffs. Whatever company may have been the best one or two years ago, may not be the case any more as there have been 50% layoffs in this sector of the pest control business, which totally changes the makeup and morale of every termite department. It is a new game out there!

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