Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Get rid of mice

Treating for mice like a professional is not as hard as you might think, and it could save you money if done correctly. To do this you will need to know the basics. First thing to do is determine where the problem is at it's worse. Are you experiencing the mice in the kitchen or have they been running in the living room under the sofa? Next thing to do is decide if you want to use bait or traps? If you have animals or children in the house then you may want to consider using traps and not bait for safety reasons. If you decide to go with baiting then stop at your friendly neighborhood hardware store and pick up some mouse bait. Here is the inside tip, there is no secret to mouse baits, pick up a decent amount of it and be generous with the mice putting out several placements. You also want to pick up snap traps and glue traps. Again be generous, put out several traps. The most important thing to do is put this product out in the areas you are seeing the mice. If the mouse has been running across the same wall for the past three nights then put your traps on the same wall. If you are finding droppings under the kitchen sink then put the product there. The trick is being generous because you never know how many mice there are. There are several topics about mice control under the Mouse/Mice label of this blog. Happy Hunting!

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