Friday, July 06, 2007

Moles and Talpirid

Moles can reek havoc on a person's lawn and there is nothing more frustrating than spending a lot of time and money on your lawn, only to have it ripped up by moles! Who are these creatures of destruction? They feed mostly on insects and love, love, love earthworms. Their appetite is incredible and their metabolism is super high. They are active all year which means they do not hibernate. They breed in late winter or early spring which means you can look for a boost in activity about 10 weeks later. They build tunnels like the English with a primary run, and exploratory run, and deep tunnels. Last but not least. They damage lawns.
So how do get rid of them? Well there are all kinds of traps and devises you can uses, but lately there is a product being used by the professional pest controllers called Talpirid from Bell Laboratories. It is a poison bait that mimics an earth worm. One "worm" contains a lethal dose and they are easy to apply. This product is not available at your local hardware store, but pest control operators can get it and it is working like hot cakes! Happy hunting!

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Rick a said...

Talprid is a very good product it imitates the earth worms witch is the #1 food source of moles. there is other products that work the same way. Tomcat is avalable more so to the public at a good price. But it is a poisen. There is times I find them helpfull but I prefer to trap moles. To learn how to trap and control moles go to