Sunday, July 15, 2007

Flea treatment

Fleas are public enemy number one when it comes to pet owners! Cats and dogs suffer and so do their owners. The most important order of business is often fast and lasting control. If you have an outside animal like a cat or dog and you own a large back yard then you are going to want to treat the yard as best you can. Sometimes this can be done by a pest control firm who offer power sprays which would also help with ticks. Next order of business is to contact the vet and treat the animal with a flea dip or powder and then use a product like frontline. The last thing to do it treat the home. You can do it yourself when it comes to flea control with products that are offered online or at your local hardware store. If you are dealing with cats then you will want to use foggers, if you are dealing with dogs you can get away with just the can spray. If you are using foggers be sure to turn off any open flames and follow the directions and label carefully, also, whichever product you choose be sure it contains an insect growth regulator like methoprene to control the flea eggs and to prevent any future infestation.
Treatment should begin with a very thorough vacuuming of the whole house with emphasis on areas the pet frequents. BE sure to vacuum furniture, under beds and under furniture, in closets, on top of area cats lay around on...etc. After you vacuum be sure to throw away the bag outside the home! Now if you are using foggers you simple use the proper amount per room, place a newspaper under the can and set off the foggers, starting from the top of the home, working to the basement next, and then the first floor so you can exit without exposure. If you are using the can spray then be sure to treat every room. Treat the stair areas and areas your pets jump from like the sofa because these areas are where eggs fall off in greater numbers. Treat the areas thoroughly and follow the label.
Be sure you have a place where you and the pets can stay for the day while the treatment is working. All pets will need to be out of the home as well as you. Upon return it would not be too unusual to experience some light activity up until a week or even two as the eggs hatch and get a dose of the chemical. After two weeks the problem should be gone. If all else fails then call a professional pest control firm.

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Organic Gerry said...

There is a new product for fleas coming out called Kaput combo bait. It is to be used in rat bait. As fleas feed on rats, the fleas will be killed by imidicloprid that has been added to the bait.