Sunday, July 23, 2006

Mosquito Patrol!!

Summertime+Rainy weather=Mosquitos. So what's the word on the street? Scratching, itching, welts, bumps, annoying, bothersome. Looks like there a lot of words that describe these pesky insects. Public enemy number one might be a good description. Mosquito's go through a complete life cycle which basically means they have an egg, larva, pupa, and adult. These stages develop into the mosquito's we hate so much. Men in this insect society are the good guys because they don't bite, only the females need a blood meal to help develop her eggs. The most important thing to remember in controlling mosquito's is that you have to reduce the amount of standing water that is around a property. Pools, tires, toys, holes in trees, bird baths, cigarette butt cans, buckets, hollow bamboo, cluttered rain gutters, any place that can collect water and be undesturbed can be a massive breeding site for mosquito's, even the smallest of puddles. So after it rains it's a good idea to empty all this standing water to help reduce the areas the mosquito's can breed in. To help keep them away from you most people use the DEET or other repellent, they use the mosquito's traps that put out carbon dioxide which is a strong attractant and why they are attracted to humans, and some try the bug zappers. The zappers are cool and kill lots of bugs but not a good mosquito killer. It's a good thing to not want to have mosquito's as guest because they can spread lots of disease like malaria, yellow fever, west Nile virus, encephalitis, and dengue fever.


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