Friday, July 21, 2006


One job I'd hate the most when I was an exterminator was the flea job. Hopping all over you and making you paranoid and thinking to yourself if you brushed them all off before you got into your truck or were there any hidden in the tufts of your clothing. Yuck! When you have them they are definitely a bug that needs to be eliminated. I suggest always to hire an exterminator, a good pest control professional can advise you as to how to keep this problem from happening again and do the work while you are out and away from the action. If you decide to do it yourself there are plenty of products out there for you to do it. This is not a 5 minute spray and done job. To start with you will need to get the pet treated wither with a good dip or flea powder and then I strongly suggest using the product frontline to help prevent this problem from recurring. Then the pet will need to be kept out of the house for the day while you treat. To start with you will have to vacuum like you 've never vacuumed before. Pick up everything off the floor and out from under the beds and vacuum every inch of your house. Vacuum the sofas and chairs, vacuum especially thoroughly around areas your pet hangs out and vacuum the stairs . It is very important to vacuum as it is about 90 percent of the battle. Please remember to vacuum. Did I mention the importance of a thorough vacuuming? Point made. Next you will need to throw the vacuum bag outside of the house immediately. Now you will need to have bought a treatment spray for the house that has a growth regulator in it. Methoprene is the insect growth regulator of choice for fleas. The product will need to have a good adulticide as well. Some products that the pest control industry use are ultracide and precor. When you buy your product be sure it has this insect growth regulator in it or you will be throwing your money away. Some of you may be considering fogging or "bombing" your home. If you do be sure to have enough bombs to cover the areas needing treatment on the basement, first and second floors, also be sure that the fogger has an insect growth regulator like methoprene in it or you will be fogging your money away. VERY IMPORTANT! MAKE SURE ALL OPEN FLAMES ARE EXTINGUISHED BEFORE YOU START THE FOGGING AND PUT A SIGN ON YOUR FORNT DOOR THAT YOU ARE FOGGING. You'd be surprised how many stories I've heard about people blowing up their homes with insect foggers. I used to require my customers to shut off the gas at the main shut off valve before I would fog. READ THE LABEL ON ALL PRODUCTS. The label will give you important information and tips on the treatment. The sign is a good idea so that dear old aunt sally doesn't stop by while the family is out of the house because of the fog and uses her key to go in and winds up getting fogged herself! Just use common sense and caution. After the treatment you will still probably have fleas. Don't panic. They will die off over the next few days. You may also have a good week of no activity and then suddenly they are back. Don't panic. The eggs hatched and they will die. after about a week I'd give the house a good vacuuming again and throw out the bag and you should be flea free.

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