Saturday, April 29, 2006


Hiring a good exterminator is just as important as choosing the right doctor. You have to feel comfortable with the person who will be coming into your home on a monthly basis and you have to have trust in the person that he or she is treating your home safely and properly. There are a zillion pest control companies out there. They are big and small, some with many technicians and some are one man operations. My suggestion is to look in the phone book and pick ten companies and then google each company. Look at their web site, check out the better business bureau and then ask around, because word of mouth is still the advertisement. Call and see how the receptionist sounds and how they treat you on the phone. Are they courteous right from the start? Does the technician call you right back or are you waiting all day for a call? If there is a salesperson that seeds to come out then how is that persons mannerism and professional appearance. Is that person pushy just trying to make a sale or is he or she truly concerned about your problem. Narrow it down to 3 companies then make a choice.

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maanoj ulltra pest control said...

6 MISTAKES TO AVOID WHEN CHOOSING A Termite & Pest Control Company:

1. Selecting a bad company based on Low price .

2.Choosing a bad company on a single phone call only.

3. Choosing a company whose technician are not qualified.

4.Choosing a company that doesn't offer or provide money back guarantee.

5.Choosing a company without reading or knowing feedbacks from their past clients.

6. Choosing a company with little or no experience in this field.

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