Sunday, April 23, 2006


This bee is a bugger around spring time April and May. They are often mistaken for Bumble bees but are not. They appear to hover a few at a time around a particular area. Usually around wooden eves or window frames. It is the female that drills a perfect hole and uses this area to lay eggs and care for them as the male (who you see hovering) protects the hole. Thing is...the male has no stinger so can't hurt you, be careful though, the female can give you a wallop. The males are a nuisance because they often dive bomb you or fly right at you causing a panic! They really are more annoying then anything, if you are so inclined to treat them you must identify all the holes by either observing the bee going into it or by the frass (sawdust) dripping down the building and then come evening treat each hole with a good dust spray. As always use extreme caution if you are allergic, or if using a ladder. When dealing with this bee you may want to hire a professional.

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