Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bedbugs On Vacation

You've pulled up to your hotel all ready for a restful vacation when a nagging thought comes into your mind. Do I have to worry about bedbugs in my hotel room? Bedbug hotspots where they like to hang out are places like dorm rooms, hotel rooms, motel rooms, and cruise ships, although you can find bedbugs almost anywhere people gather. So what is one to do?

Well as crazy as it sounds, when I arrive with my family at a hotel for vacation I tell them to put everything in the bathroom. This gives you time to inspect the room. Take the covers off the bed and check for signs of bedbugs. Things like blood spots and live bugs are probably all you are going to find if anything. Check in the drawers of the nightstand, check your closets, you chest of drawers, the luggage rack, along the top of the ceiling, at the bottom of the walls, under the bed. It's a job, but it's worth it.

After you are confident that you don't have to worry, you can come in and unpack your bags for the week!

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