Sunday, February 19, 2012

Termite Season

Once upon a time, there was a couple two, three weeks that was know in the industry as the "swarm season". We are not too far away from this time of year. It was a time of year that would make or break many pest control companies, a time of year when new hires were brought on board and overtime was the norm. The lovely sound of phones ringing off the hook and panic stricken customers wanted someone to come out to inspect "with in the hour"!
Then a product called Termidor was introduced to the market, a termiticide unlike any other. You could treat the termites over here, and get a great kill over there. In fact, entire colonies of termites were eliminated. The swarm season started to become more and more quiet. Soon, the swarm season disappeared. Don't get me wrong, there was still plenty of termite work out there, you just had to look for them in a different way.
Was this lull in swarm activity due to a product or just a glitch in the biological spectrum? Termites have been around for millions of years. Maybe over the centuries there is time when they go into a dormancy for a short time, and then bang, they are back.
We shall see in a month or two...termite season here we come!


Pest Control Broken Arrow said...

Great posting, We are in Oklahoma and it seems that termite work is already on the rise. The mild winter we had is pushing the season up some as swarmers have already been reported. We have a high level of termite activity in Oklahoma so seeing termites doing their thing in mid Feb is good for business. Pest control is already on the rise as call volume has already improved. This mild winter has much to do with all this. Great post and keep up the work.

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Jak Manson said...

So when exactly is considered to be termite season? I want to know so that I can get my place checked for them around that time of year. It will make me feel safer and more comfortable in my own home.
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