Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Bed Bugs-Fastest Way To Kill Them.

If you are unlucky enough to have bed bugs, lucky enough to live in a single home, and wealthy enough to afford it, then fumigation is the fasted way to kill bed bugs 100 percent!
You can always fumigate the contents of your home if you live in a row home or apartment complex, but you still need to deal with the bugs that are embedded in home itself. tenting the entire home and having a bed bug expert pump gas into that tent, now you are talking.

The next best technique out there is heat treatments or thermal remediation for bed bugs. This is where a bed bug control company will come in and heat up your home, apartment, or dorm to about 130 degrees for hours and hours.

Then there are all the others. Chemicals, traps, monitors, mechanical means, are all options for the control of bed bugs. Did I just say control? Not elimination? Yes I did and unless you find a thorough pest control technician to do the proper job with the proper follow ups, then you will only get control at best. Chemical treatments are tough because of bed bug resistance and the fact that the bugs can be living in just about any crack or crevice, any pants pocket, and match book, any school bag, any hollow curtain rod, any screw head, any where.

So one two three would follow the above recommendations for the fastest way to kill bed bugs.


hitechtermite said...

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Greenville SC Bed Bug Control said...

Bed bugs have made an incredible resurgence over the last 10 years. More and more people travel now than ever before. Many going to other countries and returning to the U.S. without knowing they have picked up bed bugs on their luggage or clothing, then unknowingly taking them right back to their own homes. Educating yourself on bed bugs and what to look for will decrease your chances of bringing them back to your home. If you have questions or think you may have bed bugs call a professional for a free inspection.

Consumer Pest Control said...

Bed bugs are a growing issue in the US and will most likely only continue to grow. There are many choices in control such as heat and thermal control which require the use of expensive equipment. An even more expensive, but complete elimination option is fumigating. Fumigation does eliminate "every" living thing under the tent, so plants and animals must be removed. There are also chemical answers that if applied accordingly and additional products such as mattress protectors or used can control an infestation.

parlie anderson said...

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