Sunday, March 20, 2011

Real Estate Bed Bug Inspections

Are bed bug inspections on the horizon to be able to sell your home? We all know that this has been the case for termite inspections. Whenever you sell your home it is required that the buyer is able to hire a certified termite inspector to check the home out and be sure that there are not any problems with regards to termites.

There are some differences of course between bed bugs and termites, the biggest on is the fact that termites do incredible damage and can cost the home owner expensive structural repairs. Bed bugs on the other hand can do no damage, except for maybe some mental anguish, although I would venture to say that to eliminate bed bugs completely it is just as expensive if not many times more expensive to get rid of bed bugs.

I think that with the canine dog inspections out there these days to inspect for bed bugs, it would make sense to at least offer this inspection to potential buyers, although this would never happen unless mandated by law. Bed bugs have become such a problem and if it were me I would want to know if the home I am getting ready to shell out major bucks had no termite or bed bug problems.


Bed bug exterminator said...

I have been suggesting a similar sort of thing for Landlord/tenants due to the increasing amount of disputes I have seen when treatments are required for properties that involve Bed bugs, Fleas and pests that require a host, dispute over who should pay ect. Bed bug inspections would be a great idea and this is something I would back, considering the costs of treatments it would be a good measure.

Action Pest Control said...

More and more people are requesting a service like this. With everything out there about how quickly they spread and how easy they are to bring home with you who wouldn't want to make sure that their new home isn't Bedbug free? Bedbug treatments are costly and labor intensive, inspecting before a move in makes a lot of sense!

JohnDsouza said...

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hitechtermite said...

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