Friday, July 03, 2009

Wild Life Control

The control of various wildlife issues around the country is a tough business for pest control operators, especially for one man operations. When catching raccoons, ground hogs, squirrels and the such, a pest control person needs to be available to come back to the live trap daily to check it, which takes a ton of extra time and often makes the cost very expensive to the consumer. If you are careful and do some research online, you can almost catch whatever wildlife that is bothering you yourself with a live trap bought at a home center. Some things to consider is the fact that some wildlife may have rabies, and you also need to consider if you will be brave enough to release it back into the wild, far away from your home of course. This option presents a double edged sword. Do you pay a high cost for wild life control? Do you have the knowledge to tell if an animal is presenting a rabid behavior, and if so, are you prepared to put the animal down? These are legitimate questions that need to be answered before you become a trapper, so weigh your options and if need be, spend the money.

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Gerry Weitz said...

In California, the control of "game," wild animals such as racoons, opposums and skunks was transferred from the pest control board to the Dept of Fish and Game. We now have to operate under those rules.

Also, in California we do not have to option to release, other than on the same property where you caught the animal. Therefore, in most all cases, the animal must be put down. There is not option to release into the wilderness.